Transition to Adulthood

Transition to Adulthood

diverse group of teens smiling sitting close to one another

What Is Transition?

The change (transition) from being a teen to a young adult is both challenging and rewarding. Our patients typically transition from child healthcare (pediatric) to an adult healthcare setting when they are 18 or older.

Start Planning Early

Start the transition from pediatric to adult health care early (usually around 14). Your Children’s Health℠ care team will help you make a transition plan during your clinic visits. This plan might include:

  • Building skills and knowledge to take charge of your health
  • Making choices about medical care
  • Getting insurance coverage
  • Reaching your goals for the future

Making the Move

The timeline for transition is different for each patient, but it generally starts around age 14 and ends at the age of 18 or older.  Your Children’s Health℠ care team will talk to you about when to move to an adult provider. When it is time, we will help you with the move. We will help you:

  • Find an adult provider
  • Send your medical records to your new provider
  • Talk to your new provider about your family’s needs

We Are Here for You

We know it can be difficult to move to a new clinic with a new health care team. We want you to be ready for this change. We are here to make your transition from pediatric to adult health care easier. Learn more about preparation for transition into adulthood.