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Medical Records

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It is your right to access your child’s medical records within a reasonable time frame.

We have safeguards in place to ensure that only patients, parents and legal guardians can access or share medical records. These safeguards are not meant to cause frustration to our families but instead to protect your families’ personal information.

Online Records (MyChart)

You can request medical records by using MyChart at no charge.  To access MyChart click here for more information.

Families can access records online or we can share records with other healthcare professionals if you give us the okay. Online registration requires a patient's Medical Record Number. Only records after 2003 are available online. The online records may not be a complete set of records.

Paper Records

If you are not able to request copies of your child’s medical records through MyChart, you may submit a request in person, by mail, or fax.  A copy fee may be applied for this type of request. 
To access paper medical records, we have an authorization form that must be completed. Unless otherwise revoked, the authorization to release records expires 180 days from the date of signing or as otherwise specified by an event related to the patient or the purpose of the disclosure.
Please follow the steps below:

  • Print and complete the Patient Access Request for Health Information (English | Spanish).  
  • Mail  or bring your completed forms to:
    • Children’s Medical Center
      Health Information Management Department – Release of Information
      1935 Medical District Drive
      Dallas, Texas 75235

      You may also fax your form to 214-456-6170.
      Office phone number:  214-456-2509; Office is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Children’s Medical Center Plano
      Health Information Management Department – Release of Information
      7601 Preston Road
      Plano, Texas 75024

      Office phone number:  469-303-2509; Office is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Releasing Records

Records can be released to anyone who the patient or legal representative authorizes to receive such information.  A valid authorization must contain the following information or the request will be returned:

  • Patient’s full name and date of birth. 
  • Specific information being requested (i.e. type of report/information, dates of service, etc)
  • Purpose for which information may be disclosed (i.e. inspect health information, obtain a copy of health information)
  • To whom the information is to be sent (name and address)
  • Authorization’s expiration date if desired (otherwise the authorization will be valid for 180 days from date signed)
  • Signature of patient or legal representative
  • Date of signature

Please make sure the authorization/request is complete to avoid delays.  Incomplete requests cannot be processed. 

Medical Record Number

We often use the Medical Record Number to lookup patient information so please protect this number. If you have any questions about your rights or to access information, please call Medical Records at: