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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I obtain a copy of my bill?

You may obtain a copy of your itemized bill by calling Customer Service at (214) 456-BILL or (214) 456-2455. You will also receive a monthly statement.

What are the hours Customer Service is available by telephone?

Customer Service is available by telephone between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Standard time.

How is the portion I am going to pay determined?

  • The portion you pay is determined by the families’ insurance plan.
    • For outpatient visits, Pre-Arrival Services will contact you and update your insurance information
    • At check-in, Children’s will validate your insurance and ask for a co-payment if needed
      • Co-payments for clinic visits are generally applied to the physician bill
      • Co-payments in Admitting, ER, and Day Surgery are generally applied to Children’s
    • Patient family signs release of information (at time of arrival)
    • Children’s bills directly to the insurance company
    • Insurance company processes claim and sends Children’s and the family an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
      • EOB itemizes charges and distribution of payments
    • Children’s creates a bill showing portions paid and sends it to the family
    • You should receive a statement each month listing all your families’ accounts

When will I receive my first bill if I do not have insurance?

Families with no insurance coverage should receive the first bill within 10 days of services being provided.

Who is responsible for paying the bill?

Patients without insurance are expected to pay their accounts at the time of service.  Patients without insurance are eligible for a self-pay discount.  A written policy on Discounting for Self Pay or Uninsured Patients is available upon request.

Patients with HMO, PPO, and other commercial insurance are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance at the time of services unless prior arrangements are made with our financial counselor.

Patient with Medicare who do not have supplemental or secondary insurance may also be responsible for co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance at the time of service.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Once your insurance company has processed their payment to Children’s Medical Center, the remaining balance is immediately due.   You have 90 days from the time it becomes the patient responsibility to pay the bill in full.  There is a notification on your bill under each account listed that notes how long the account has been due. 

Why does Children’s Medical Center charge as an outpatient facility?

The clinics within Children’s are considered specialty clinics.  Generally, insurance carriers consider this as a specialty type visit.  Insurance carriers usually have a more expensive co-payment for this type of service. The doctors who treat children in the hospital are highly trained to be the best equipped to handle complex care.

What is the difference between the Emergency Room (ER) and Urgent Care?

The Emergency Room is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can treat all patients that are in need of services. 

The Urgent Care center is opened from 3 PM – 11PM to treat less urgent cases as an after hours doctor visit.  The charges for the Urgent Care can be less than the ER, but may also be more than a traditional doctor visit. 

Can CHIP be used as a secondary insurance?

CHIP is a government sponsored program established for un-insured children.  There are very few cases that a child can have both commercial insurance and CHIP.  Your CHIP case worker may also provide additional information. 

Can Children’s Medical Center assist with the physician bill?

Children’s is a separate legal entity from the treating physician.  If you receive a bill for professional physician services, please contact the phone number on the bill for assistance. 

Why is there a limit on how long I have to pay my bill?

Children’s Medical Center has a standard payment policy in place.  This policy allows Children’s to treat all families equally.  This standard is based on several factors including amount owed.   Payment plans are a part of the standard policy and plans are setup with regular processes. Please call (214) 456-BILL or (214) 456-2455 to find out more about payment plans.

Does Children’s Medical Center offer assistance with the bill?

Yes.  Many of our patient families are surprised to learn that their child qualifies for assistance.   Children’s Medical Center can assist with a financial application and other documents to support financial status.  Families with no insurance coverage are eligible for a 25% discount if paid within 15 days from the date of service.

Why do I receive multiple bills for services provided at Children’s Medical Center?

Physicians are not employed by Children’s Medical Center.  You may receive two different statements: one for hospital services, and one for professional services. 

  • Children’s Medical Center:
    • This statement is for the services provided at Children’s Medical Center.  Charges for room, surgical suite, equipment, medications, diagnostic testing, facility feeds, and supplies for treatments for procedures performed appear on this statement.
    • The first statement provides the details of services received and the amount billed to your insurance company.  Follow-up statements are sent after insurance payments are made and there is a balance due from you.
    • Please direct any questions regarding billing, charges, or denied claims to:
    • Call (214) 456-BILL or (214) 456-2455 or email patientbilling@childrens.com
  • UT Southwestern Medical Service Plan:
    • This statement is for the professional services provided by UT Southwestern physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc.  Monthly statements from UT Southwestern Medical Service Plan itemize the services you received, the amount paid by your insurance, and the amount you owe.
    • Please direct any questions regarding billing, charges, or denied claims to:
    • Call 214-645-0600 / toll-free 1-866-648-2455 or email myBill@UTSouthwestern.edu
  • Third Party Provider Statements:
    • You may receive additional statements from laboratories, imaging facilities, physicians and other third party providers affiliated with, but not employed by, UT Southwestern Medical Center or Children’s Medical Center.  Because these professionals are independent contractors, we do not have access to their billing information.  Please contact them directly with any questions about these statements.

Why are the lab charges so high at Children’s Medical Center?

We believe that drawing blood from children is a special skill.  Those who do so in the lab at Children’s are taught to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients.  Children’s also has a Pain Free initiative aimed to reduce anxiety and fears related to procedural pain.  Not all insurance companies recognize Children’s as a preferred provider for lab services.  If this is true of your plan, you might be charged an additional out-of-pocket expense for tests conducted at Children’s.  Please ask your plan administrator if you have any questions.

Can Children’s Medical Center split the bill between two guarantors?

Children’s Medical Center bills to one guarantor.  The guarantor billed is the guarantor who brought the patient in for services and was approved at that point.  They are also the one financially responsible for the bill. 

Does Children’s Medical Center provide an estimate of charges before services are rendered?

Children’s Medical Center can provide an estimate of services.  Please ask a member in the admissions or Customer Service staff for this service.  You may need to provide some demographic, insurance, and specific procedure information for the most accurate estimate.

Why are there physicians at Children’s Medical Center that are out of network with our insurance, while Children’s is in network?

Each physician, or physician group, practicing at Children’s Medical Center is responsible for negotiating contracts with insurance payers.  Most independent physicians will provide families with the in network adjustment on their bill.  Please contact that physician billing office for a possible in network adjustment. 

Why are Children’s charges for services higher than other hospital facilities?

Children’s is a tertiary care hospital specializing in pediatrics and our charges may be higher than those in your physician’s office or a in a community hospital.  However, our charges are similar to those in other pediatric specialty facilities.

I paid a co-payment at the time of service.  Is it applied to UTSW or Children’s Medical Center?

  • Clinic Visit - your co-pay is generally applied to the physician bill 
  • Admitting, ER, or Day Surgery – your co-pay will generally be applied to the Children’s bill

Who do I contact with concerns about the quality of medical care during our visit?

Please contact Guest Relations for assistance and follow up on any treatment concerns at 214-456-2273.

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