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Manage Your Care


Your child’s care is our top priority and we are here to inform you of ways to pay your bill, terms you should be familiar with, FAQs, financial aid, and even choosing the best health plan for you.

Guide to Billing

No matter where your child is treated at Children's, you can expect to receive bills from the hospital as well as separate bills from doctors for their professional services. Usually, more than one doctor will care for your child. So, you may receive several doctor bills (attending doctor, surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, etc.). Depending on the type of visit you have at the hospital, you may also receive separate bills for charges such as lab tests or certain supplies.

Paying Your Bill Online

You can pay your bill online as long as you have your most recent statement. This statement contains the individual ID and password needed to process your transaction. Please make sure to have this information prior to completing your payment.

Ask Questions

You may want a little guidance on what questions to ask your doctor, your employer, your healthcare plan representative, managed care plan representative, family and friends.

For more information on how to choose a health plan for your child, call or write to:

Children's Medical Center
c/o Managed Care
1935 Medical District Dr
Dallas, TX 75235

Does My Insurance Cover My Doctor?

The doctors who treat patients at Children's are not employed by the hospital. Many doctors are contracted with the same insurance plans as the hospital. However, some doctors (such as emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists and surgeons) may not have the same contracts. Please contact your insurance company to verify if the doctor treating your child is in your plan's network.