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Research shows that improved health will lead to increased academic success. Children’s Health℠ is partnering with local schools on several exciting new initiatives to keep children healthy. From wellness and prevention to chronic illness management, our school-based health program objectives are to ensure optimal health care outcomes for children. These programs are designed to improve health literacy and decrease the amount of time kids are out of school due to illness, and thereby increasing the amount of time spent on learning.

What is telehealth from Children's Health?

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School-Based Telehealth Program

School-Based Telehealth Program

The Children’s Health School-Based Telehealth Program provides in-school virtual consultations with physicians through the use of mobile telehealth carts. The carts connect a Children’s Health Pediatric Group physician, or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to a child that may visit the school nurse’s office with a complaint that is outside the scope of school nursing practice. Through advanced, encrypted telemedicine technology, children at participating campuses from elementary to high school can receive HIPAA-compliant health care services.

Pre-registration by the parent is required for the program. Please download and print the forms below. Each form is available in both English and Spanish.

If needed, electronic prescriptions can also be sent to the family’s preferred pharmacy. This initiative will eventually be expanded to help children with disease management by providing education, monitoring and follow-up for chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies and weight management.

Children’s Health has expanded its School-Based Telehealth Program to over 90 schools in the Dallas, Grayson, Collin and Tarrant counties. This expansion brought the fastest-growing school-based telemedicine program in the nation. Children’s Health is the only health system in North Texas currently providing school-based telemedicine.



Children’s Health has expanded the reach of its school-based health programs as far south as San Antonio and as far east as Tyler with an additional investment in GoNoodle, the leading provider of online movement videos and games that gets kids moving. The sponsorship allows children in nearly 300 school districts – more than 1,400 elementary schools across Texas – to enjoy fun and educational movement videos designed to keep their young minds active and healthy. Click here for a complete list of participating districts.

GoNoodle’s short, interactive movement videos help channel classroom energy and improve student focus. This tool offers teachers access to over 120 interactive videos that incorporate vigorous movement into the school day. GoNoodle also offers calming mindfulness exercises, and some videos include key health topics for health skills reinforcement.

While the goal is to provide a physical activity break, these 3-5 minute videos, games and exercises also reinforce core subject content, aiding in subject fluency through kinesthetic learning and assist teachers in positive classroom management while achieving student focus and time on task. Over 2,900 Texas teachers in the Children’s Health sponsored regions are already using GoNoodle, delivering more than 6 million minutes of in-classroom physical activity each month.

Parents can also turn screen time into active time with GoNoodle! Kids, teachers and parents can set up a free account by simply registering at www.gonoodle.com.

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