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Meet the Patient Where They Are

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At Children’s Health℠ Children’s Medical Center Dallas, we realize it isn’t always convenient for your child to come to us. That’s why we’re constantly striving to come up with new and innovative ways that we can come to you.


Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is the use of technology to exchange medical information between providers. This innovative approach to patient care allows physicians to consult with one another without traveling to remote sites. Current and upcoming telemedicine services at Children’s Health include:

  • TeleNICU: A dedicated neonatal telehealth service that uses specialized equipment that allows neonatologists at Children’s Health to virtually examine newborns at distant-site NICUs. This service can minimize, or even eliminate, the need to transport babies who need a specialized level of care
  • Mobile Telehealth carts: Carts that allow for a virtual consultation with a Children’s Health physician when a child shows up in the school nurse’s office with a complaint that is outside the nurse’s level of expertise
  • Video chat: A program that will allow patients the opportunity to video chat with nurses at a call center

School-based programs

In addition to the Mobile Telehealth carts mentioned above, Children’s Health is involved in the following school-based initiatives:

  • Health Education Literacy tools: A program that offers games, apps and educational resources to teach children about physical activity, nutrition, and social and emotional well-being.
  • Tools for Schools kits: Kits that are designed to help school nurses and school administrators promote health improvement initiatives
  • Community outreach program: A program that is intended to streamline the process for requesting speakers, event staffing, or program sponsorship at school health fairs and events
  • Continuing education for school nurses: Expansion of professional development opportunities for school nurses that will include continuing education Webinars and half-day training seminars

Community Health Programs

Each year, Children’s Health provides a number of education and outreach programs to keep your kids healthy and safe:

  • Children’s Health Speakers Bureau: An avenue by which parents, civic groups and area businesses can request expert speakers
  • Coaches Clinics: Clinics to educate coaches on the importance of sports injury prevention
  • Dallas-Area Safe Kids Coalition: A community initiative to prevent childhood injuries
  • Dean Foods LEAN (Lifestyle Exercise and Nutrition) Families Program: A program that is designed to teach parents and their children a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and overall behavior modification
  • Dental outreach: An outreach program that provide oral health education and dental health promotion materials to expecting mothers
  • Disease management programs: Programs that offer access to evidence-based care and multidisciplinary support for the management of chronic conditions
  • Get A Move On: A city-wide fitness initiative and awareness campaign
  • Know Before You Go: A program that spreads the message that every drowning is preventable when parents take appropriate precautions


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