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Don't Rock the Boat When it Comes to Water Safety

Summer has officially started, and fun in the sun often involves fun around the water. Keep these 10 safety tips in mind when you and your children are boating, swimming or anywhere near the water. Remember, it only takes one minute for a child to drown.

10 Tips for Water Safety

  1. When boating, wear a Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD, life jacket) at all times.  A properly fitted PFD is snug, yet comfortable, and will not slip above the chin or ears when lifted at the shoulders.
  2. Enroll in a Boater Safety Course. Texas law mandates you must be 16 years of age or older to operate a motor-powered boat.
  3. Do not allow teens under 16 to operate jet-skis or other water craft without adult supervision.
  4. Never leave your child alone near a pool, spa, bathtub, toilet, bucket or any standing water in which a child’s nose or mouth may be submerged.
  5. Learn CPR.
  6. Never leave your child unattended in or around the water.
  7. Remember, active supervision is the best protection. Assign an adult “Water Watcher” to supervise the kids in the water at all times, and make sure that person is totally focused on watching the water, not socializing, texting, drinking, reading, etc. Rotating shifts may be assigned.
  8. Keep a telephone near. In case of an emergency, dial 911.
  9. When hosting a pool party, thoroughly discuss each child’s swimming abilities with their parents or caretaker.
  10. Instruct your child to alert an adult if someone is playing too roughly or is in trouble, and teach  children to  never jump into the water to help a struggling friend

For more water safety tips, visit: http://www.knowbeforeyougo.org/.

Water Safety Sheet

Water Safety SheetDownload our 10 water safety tips and share them with friends and family.






Water Watcher Tag

Water Watcher Tag ThumbnailDownload the Water Watcher Tag to assign a qualified adult to watch all children in and near water. If you prefer, send an email request to jamie.pelletier@childrens.com to receive a free Tag by mail.