Oct 23, 2013 Post By: Children's Health

A Parent's Guide to Cheerleading Safety
Three of the most common cheerleading injuries are discussed with ways to identify them and recognize when a medical curiosity specialist should be consulted.

Cheerleading is an intensely physical sport that includes fast paced floor routines, pyramid-building, lifting, tossing and being tossed. With the rise in youth cheerleading participation, the number of cheerleaders at risk for injury is also rising.

Following are three of the most common cheerleading injuries. Click on the links to learn how to recognize the danger signs and promote cheer safety.

cheerleading safety


A concussion is a brain injury usually caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head or neck.

cheerleading safety

Back Pain

Repetitive maneuvers that require hyperextension often result in back strain.

cheerleading safety

Ankle and Knee Injuries

Ligament, muscle and tissue injuries often follow an awkward jump or stunt landing.
Cheerleading Safety PDF
The Kohl's Sports Health and Wellness Outreach Program encourages parents and coaches to print the downloadable cheerleading safety sheet and share it with family and friends.