Nov 21, 2013 Post By: Children's Health

A Parent's Guide to Basketball Safety

Basketball is the sport of choice for millions of children. Fifteen percent (in the 5-15 age range) encounter a sport-related injury or health risk.

Following are the most common basketball injuries and health risks requiring treatment. Click on the links to learn how to recognize the danger signs and promote safety.

boy playing basketball


Sports requiring continuous activity, like basketball, can bring on exercise-induced asthma.


basketball safety- dehydration


An athlete’s performance can be impacted by even mild dehydration. Severe dehydration can dangerously increase an athletes heart rate.


basketball knee and ankle injuries

Ankle and Knee Injuries

Injuries often occur when ligaments in a joint are stretched beyond their limits.


basketball safety

Bumps, Bruises, Twists & Muscle Strains

Check out the PRICE formula for treating bumps, bruises, twists & muscle strains.