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Duolingo and Other School Apps for Kids
Children's Health introduces you to four school apps for kids your children may find helpful: BrainPOP, Choiceworks, Duolingo and Math Evolve.

If we told you that too much Duolingo can make your BrainPOP, would you believe us? Would you even know what we’re talking about?

If you don’t, check out those two school apps and a couple others that we’re fans of in our list of apps for kids below.

Oh, and by the way, the only thing "too much" Duolingo will do to your brain is help it become fluent in a ton of foreign languages, which is pretty cool.

Fun and Educational Apps for Kids



The BrainPOP app includes educational animated movies, quizzes and other features that teach children about history, current events and other age-appropriate subjects.

BrainPOP has been a trusted source of animated, educational content for more than 10 years. It began as the brainchild of an immunologist and pediatrician looking for a creative way to explain difficult concepts to his young patients.  


The Choiceworks app features three boards (Schedule/Waiting/Feelings) and companion books for each board that provides caregivers tools to helps kids:

  • Complete daily routines
  • Understand and control their feelings
  • Learn how to take turns, not interrupt others and improve waiting skills

Developmental specialists worked with hospital professionals to create the Choiceworks app as a means to provide clear and consistent direction to help encourage a child’s positive behavior, emotional relationships and independence. We also like that teachers can customize the Choiceworks app to use in school, too.






The Duolingo app, makes learning Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and several other languages fun for your kids. Kids like the game-based teaching system, because they’re able to have fun while learning by leveling up and competing with friends.

We like how kids can translate real-world texts and messages into the language they are learning, which makes it seem more like a real-world benefit to them. Duolingo was Apple’s 2013 App of the Year.

Math Evolve

Math Evolve

The Math Evolve app offers kids 6-years-old and older a new way to practice math facts, number sense and mental math skills. There’s even a neat “Story Mode” that lets children play an arcade-style math-based video game, so they can learn while having fun.

We like that the Math Evolve app is customizable for your child’s learning needs and how it provides a unique alternative to standard flash cards to help kids improve their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills.

What are some of your favorite apps for kids? Leave us a comment and tell us which learning apps your kids love best.

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