Jun 28, 2012 Post By: Children's Health

4 vital tips to keep your kids safe in the car
Beyond a properly fitting car seat, four safety check points for child safety in the car.

There’s more to car-seat safety than the seat’s fit. Here, four other vital pointers to help keep your child safe on the road.

TIP 1: Read your manual - Two years ago, a car-seat inspector would not have said it was OK to leave a car-seat carrier handle up while a child was strapped inside. Now some manufacturers recommend just that.

TIP 2: Buckle all seat belts near a car seat - Buckles on loose belts could turn into hazardous objects if you make a sudden stop or have a collision.

TIP 3: Make sure your window shade is not a danger - Window shades keep the sun out of your child’s eyes but can be dangerous projectiles. Buy a lightweight shade with no rod attached that sticks to the window on its own.

TIP 4: Make sure your baby mirror is not a danger - Buy a lightweight, soft baby mirror with rounded edges that won’t injure your child if dislodged in a wreck. For added security, opt for one that anchors on instead of one with Velcro.

Dear reader, in addition to the four safety check points mentioned in this article, do you have ideas or suggestions on how to keep our kids safe in the car? Please share in the comment box below.