May 18, 2015

What being a bone marrow donor really means The heart warming story of a 6-year-old bone marrow recipient meeting her donor.

Last week, a throng of Children's employees, including myself, got to watch an amazing meeting here at Children's. It was a long-awaited reunion of sorts between 6-year-old Laurel Good and Krista Katris, 23. Krista donated her bone marrow to Laurel over a year ago, a gift that saved Laurel's life.



Laurel, who was diagnosed at birth with TAR syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which can lead to bone marrow failure and is marked by low platelets and the absence of radius bones in the forearms, is now in perfect health thanks to Krista's willingness to join the Marrow Registry and donate once she was called.

Krista said she couldn't wait for the day when she could meet Laurel. Laurel and her dad Ken and sister Darby, 12, gave Krista many gifts, including a homemade beaded necklace Laurel made for Krista. Laurel's mom Terri and grandmother Jan were also apart of the meeting.

Krista had gifts of her own. She gave Laurel an Americal Girl Doll she had custom made to look like Laurel. The 6-year-old's eyes lit up when she saw Krista's dad Chris carry over the shopping bag with Laurel's doll and accessories it. "It's my very own," Laurel shouted while she showed off her new doll.

We've asked you all month to get typed to be on the Bone Marrow Registry, telling you that you could save a life. But when you see a little girl meet the stranger who saved her life with a simple, generous donation, you understand why it's so important to join the Registry.

Through the end of February, Children's will pay for your online registration. For a free kit, visit and enter the coupon code "childrens."

And share your story with us. Why did you decide to get typed?