Feb 27, 2017

Ready. Set. Train. Our experts offer you a six-week roadmap to race day – whether it’s the Alliance Data Red Balloon® Run & Ride or any other race you and your family are preparing for this year.

Are you ready for the Alliance Data Red Balloon® Run & Ride? The Children’s Health Andrews Institute sports performance program, powered by EXOS, has developed a six-week running program for you and your family to prepare for a run and some fun on April 22.

During your six-weeks of training, the experts at EXOS suggest that you work out three days a week, aiming for at least one full day of rest between each workout. Rest is just as important as working out because it allows your muscles time to repair.

Each training day of the week features a unique type of training, delivering different benefits toward your training goals:

Day 1 — Self-Paced Training
Before you begin the self-paced training on Day 1 of each week, make sure you perform a brief warmup. Try dynamic stretching such as skipping, walking lunges, side steps, high knees or glute kicks. The self-paced runs will include multiple short-distance runs and rest periods that increase weekly.

Day 2 — Intervals
Intervals are ten to fifteen second sprints performed at your max workout effort. Start a stopwatch to keep track of your intervals. Then rest and record the distance you ran or biked, trying to exceed your distance on each interval.

Day 3 — Run or Jog
Practice makes perfect. On Day 3 of each week, you and your family will perform a comfortable, 3-mile jog to build volume and complement recovery. Try to maintain a steady pace. It might feel slow, avoid speeding up. If you need to walk, alternate walking for one minute and jogging for three.

Check out the full, downloadable six-week training schedule.

Good luck and happy running.