Oct 29, 2013 Post By: Children's Health

4 Ways to Enjoy a Low-Sugar or Sugar-Free Halloween
Tips on how to help your kids enjoy a sugar-free Halloween.

Halloween is an exciting time for many kids – imaginative costumes, trick-or-treating and lots of candy. But what does Halloween mean for a child who has to monitor blood sugar levels? Is there such a thing as a sugar-free Halloween?

The answer is a resounding yes. Following are tips from a parent who has discovered ways to make Halloween happy and fun for her kids on a refined-sugar-free diet. Her suggestions work just as well for parents of kids with food allergies, diabetes or any dietary restrictions.

1. The Switch Witch After your child goes trick-or-treating, pull out all the non-sugar items, keep them and put the rest back in the bag. Leave the bag somewhere specific (for us it is in the living room). During the night, the Switch Witch comes, takes all the candy and in its place leaves toys. Sometimes she leaves party favor-type trinkets, sugar-free candy or even Legos!

2. The Money Trade Buy the candy from your kiddo. Give each piece of candy a set value, like 1 cent. My kids have fun counting all their candy and converting it into cash.

3. Sugar-Free Halloween Party Host or co-host a party with sugar-free tasty treats. The Truvia website has a simple apple pie recipe that my kids give 11 out of 10.

4. Give Treats That Your Kids Could Have Rather than face tempting leftovers that your kids cannot have, hand out things like pencils, stickers, trinkets you would find in the party-favor aisle and those plastic spider rings.

Having a child on a low-sugar, sugar-free or other special diet takes some planning ahead, but it can be really rewarding for the kids. Happy trick-or-treating!