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Community Partners


Children’s Medical Center knows that caring for the youngest members of our society is a cooperative effort.  It takes an entire support system throughout Dallas and the surrounding region to secure the best care for our children. We partner with educators, civic leadership organizations, corporate entities, and volunteers from non-profit and faith communities to ensure our children and their families have everything they need to be well.

Why Children's Health℠?

As the leading research and teaching facility, as well as the premier pediatric hospital in North Texas, Children’s commitment to healing children goes beyond their physical time in our facilities. We join forces with several organizations to promote wellness and assume a proactive approach to healthy living throughout the entire area.

For example, The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children focuses on pediatric asthma, addressing the top reason for emergency department admissions at Children’s.  We work with more than 60 partners to improve this situation, giving more children the chance to breathe more easily each day.

In addition to caring for those who come into the hospital and working to reduce those occurrences, Children’s also takes every opportunity to go out into the community.  By utilizing technology, Children’s  Mobile Health Solutions enables parents to talk to a physician or specialist from any location, whether a school, community center, church, or doctor’s office. We strive to be available anytime your family needs to reach a medical expert.

Education Outreach

Prevention via education is the first step to a lifetime of wellness. Children’s has partnered with local grade schools to offer not only telemedicine, but also to promote continued education for school nurses and administrators. We supply tools for schools, webinars, health fairs, and training opportunities.  Many of our programs are aligned with the Texas Educational Agency’s curriculum.

Children’s also supports several extracurricular organizations in the greater Dallas region, including the YMCA’s “Know Before You Go” drowning prevention campaign, which also  offers lifeguard certification and swimming lessons.

By actively supporting and collaborating with educators and instructors in our community, we give our children the best chance to grow up safe and healthy. 

Information Partner

Children’s Medical Center is the first local pediatric hospital to connect to the regional Health Information Exchange, so that regardless of where your child is being treated, medical professionals are able to access your child’s health records through a secure online connection.  This ensures the most accurate diagnosis and treatment specific to each child.

When a child struggles with a chronic condition and sees several health care providers, this exchange improves the quality of the care delivered and prevents unnecessary tests by making your child’s medical information easily accessible. It saves valuable time and money for all the parties involved.

Ease of access to information is just one facet of our ongoing dedication to be one of the very best children’s medical centers in the nation. 

Government, Business, and Nonprofits

To keep our local children healthy, an all-encompassing approach is critical. We work with dozens of organizations both nationally and regionally, from government agencies to insurance companies and healthcare groups, and other local partners around Dallas. Community teamwork that promotes a healthier tomorrow for all children is our overriding goal.

From contracting with local hotels and housing partners to negotiate special rates for our families to sponsoring health fairs, Children’s commitment to the community is far-reaching. We invite anyone who cares about our mission at Children’s to contact us today and learn about the ways you can become a supporting partner.

Whether you have a specific area of concern and expertise or just want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our local children, Children’s is the place to start. Our mission to make life better for children needs you to reach that goal.