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Kathleen Sanders Wilson, MD $$


Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center

Languages Spoken:
UT Southwestern Pediatric Group

Education and Training

Medical School
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (1991)
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (1994), Pathology
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (1992), Pathology
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (1997), Clinical Cytogenetics
Board Certification
American Board of Pathology/Clinical Pathology
  • Research Interests

    • role of clinical genetic diagnostic technologies of conventional cytogenetic analysis
    • fluorescence in situ hybridization
    • cytogenomic microarray analysis play in elucidating the pathogenetic events of both constitutional and acquired (neoplastic) disorders.
  • Publications

    • College of American Pathologists/American College of Medical Genetics proficiency testing for constitutional cytogenomic microarray analysis., Brothman AR, Dolan MM, Goodman BK, Park JP, Persons DL, Saxe DF, Tepperberg JH, Tsuchiya KD, Van Dyke DL, Wilson KS, Wolff DJ, Theil KS. Genet in Med 2011 13 765-769.
    • PARK2 copy number aberrations in two children presenting with autism spectrum disorder: Further support of an association and possible evidence for a new microdeletion/microduplication syndrome., Scheuerle A and Wilson K. Am J Med Genet Part B Neuropsychiatr Genet 2011 156B 413-420.
    • The interface of Medicare coverage decision-making and emerging molecular-based laboratory testing., Burken MI, Wilson KS, Heller K, Pratt VM, Schoonmaker MM, Seifter E. Genet in Med 2009 11 225-231.
    • High-resolution array CGH identifies common mechanisms that drive embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma pathogenesis., Paulson V, Chandler G, Rakheja D, Galindo R, Wilson K, Amatruda JF, Cameron S. Genes Chromosom Cancer 2011 50 397-408.
    • A bcr3/short form PML/RARα transcript in an acute promyelocytic leukemia resulted from a derivative chromosome 17 due to submicroscopic insertion of PML gene into RARα locus., Wang H-Y, Ding J, Vasef MA, Wilson KS. Am J Clin Path 2009 131 64-71.
  • Professional Activities

    • American College of Medical Genetics (2002)
    • College of American Pathologists (1993)
    • American Medical Association (1991)
    • Dallas County Medical Society (1991)
    • Texas Medical Association (1991)
  • Awards and Honors

    • Outstanding Teacher in Genetics: Pre-Clinical Teaching Award - UT Southwestern Class of 2015 (2012)
    • Guide to America's Top Pathologists - Consumers' Research Council of America (2007-present) (2007)
    • Outstanding Teacher in Pathology - UT Southwestern Class of 2009 (2007)
    • Small Group Teaching Award in Pathology - UT Southwestern Class of 2009 (2007)
    • Favorite Teacher Recognition in Pathology - UT Southwestern Class of 2007 (2005)
    • Guide to America's Top Physicians - Consumers' Research Council of America (2004-present) (2004)
    • Amherst College: Graduation with Honors - B.A., magna cum laude (1986)
    • Aston L. Clarke Research Fellowship - UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (1985)

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