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Pet-Assisted Therapy Volunteers

pet therapy volunteer visits patient in her room

Patients and their families have been delighted by our Volunteer Pet Assisted Therapy Program since its beginning in 1999. Our founding pet therapy group, Paws Across Texas, has spent countless hours with patients, siblings, and families helping to bring smiles and happiness to many.

Our partnership with PetSmart has allowed our Volunteer Pet Assisted Therapy Program to expand to provide volunteers the opportunity to serve Monday through Friday during the day and evening. Beginning in 2015, we expanded our partner organizations to include Pet Partners- one of the nation’s largest pet-handling organizations. Our volunteers serve at all of our in-patient facilities including Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Children’s Medical Center Plano, and Our Children’s House.

Before a dog and their handler can become volunteers with Children’s Health they must complete the evaluation process with either Paws Across Texas or Pet Partners. If you and your dog have completed this process and would like to volunteer with us, please click here to apply to become an adult volunteer.

Meet our volunteer dogs!

By Your Side

You can help! To volunteer for our pet-assisted therapy program, contact our partner organizations Paws Across Texas, Pet Partners or email the Children’s Health Volunteer Services Dept.