CranioBank: Digital Craniofacial Image Archive

CranioBank is a free, searchable online database of normative craniofacial images available to the scientific community. It is maintained by the staff at Children's Medical Center. This endeavor is a direct response to the critical need for normative data in the study of craniofacial development and form in medicine, anthropology, and many other fields.

Sophisticated, three-dimensional imaging techniques have led to great advances in our understanding of structural relationships. However, researchers must presently collect compatible 3D data independently, expending valuable time and resources. Our goal is to provide a repository of raw, 3D image files available for download by investigators worldwide for clinical research.

Currently the archive contains stereophotogrammetric, whole-head images of 1285 subjects. Images have been stratified by age, gender, and race and catalogued in this secure website. This data is suitable for analysis with a wide range of quantitative morphometric techniques.

Enrollment is ongoing at Children's Medical Center, and we encourage other investigators to contribute their locally acquired images in order to provide representative data for all racial groups and enrich the field of craniofacial research as a whole.

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