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Individualized Curriculum


One of the strongest assets to our program is the diversity of our residents’ interests. In addition to the core curriculum designed to provide a sound foundation in general pediatrics, our program is invested in the Individualized Curriculum. Each resident’s individualized curriculum is determined by his or her learning needs and career plans and is developed with the guidance of a faculty mentor. The individualized curriculum focuses on providing experiences that will help each resident to be better prepared for the next step in his or her career after residency.

Don’t worry! This does not mean that you have to be decided on your post-residency plans before you get here. Maybe the next step for you is trying to decide between general pediatrics or fellowship, between several fellowship options, or between community practice and inpatient pediatrics. There is no right place to start the planning of your individualized curriculum, what is important is the path that you begin to develop with the help of your mentor and our faculty to specifically suit your needs and support your career aspirations.

In order to allow flexibility we do not offer rigid “tracks” at this time. However, we do have dedicated faculty members in many areas that are helping to guide curriculum development in a way that will be most beneficial to individual residents with specific career goals.

Below is a list of examples of recent graduates’ individualized curriculums. This list is meant to serve as examples of what some creative residents felt would augment their residency training at CMC. It is not all inclusive and your individualized curriculum is not limited to these options. Our program leadership is very open to new and creative ways to improve resident exposure, experiences, and education.

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