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Transport Services and Access Center


The specialty transport team at Children’s Health℠ transports ill or injured neonatal, pediatric or high risk obstetrical patients who require a higher level of care. 

Our Access Center

One phone call to the Children’s Access Center is all it takes to mobilize our transport team. Upon receiving a call

  • A Communication specialist (CS) will contact the appropriate specialist at Children’s Health who will be taking over the child’s care.
  • The CS along with the referring physician will determine the appropriate mode of transportation for the transfer (ambulance, helicopter or jet); one parent may accompany a child on any mode of transport.
  • The transport team will travel to the facility to pick up the patient.
  • Upon arrival at the facility, our team will pick up the patient and immediately begin care.

The Children’s Access Center is staffed with an in-house team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are also certified by the National Association of Air Communication Specialists (NAACS).

Our Transport Team

All of our transport team members are trained in the care of neonatal, and pediatric and high risk obstetrical patients and prepared to care for a wide range of patient needs during transport. In fact, our transport staff is among the most experienced staff at Children's Medical Center. All have emergency room or critical care experience. The team also has the ability to contact a neonatal, or pediatric or obstetrical subspecialist at Children’s at any time of the day or night.

Our team travels more than 230,000 ground miles annually and has traveled one million ground miles without major incident.

Award-Winning Service

Our Transport Services Department is a recipient of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Award of Excellence. The award recognizes individuals or teams that have made a significant contribution to the overall enhancement, development, leadership and promotion of neonatal/pediatric patient care, education, research, or safety in the medical transport setting.

We also are the first Neonatal/Pediatric transport service in the United States to garner accreditation in all three transportation modes (ambulance, helicopter and jet) by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

To contact the Children’s Access Center, call 1-888-730-DOCS

Educational Outreach

The transport team at Children’s Health also offers educational outreach opportunities for health care providers. To contact the Children’s transport team for community outreach or hospital education programs, please call 214-456-2975 .

Fixed wing services are provided by Seven Bar Flying Services. Rotor wing services are provided by PHI.

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