For Your Child's Comfort


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Making your child comfortable

To make your child comfortable, we recommend you bring the items listed below with you to Children’s Health:

  • Loose-fitting shirts, snap tops or button-down shirts are recommended for surgery above the waist. For surgeries below the waist, your child should wear loose-fitting or elastic-waist pants or shorts. Please be sure to label all items with your child’s name.
  • For infants, bring a small supply of diapers and bottles.
  • Pack a favorite stuffed animal, toy or book to comfort your child.
  • Bring a bathrobe or sweater and socks or slippers.
  • Pack a sweater or light jacket for you because the hospital is well air conditioned.
  • Bathe your child and shampoo their hair the night before surgery.
  • Leave your child’s jewelry, valuables and contact lenses at home.

Eating and Drinking Before Surgery