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The Children's Health℠ pre-assessment program is the oldest pediatric day surgery program in the country, opening in 1968 is was the first facility of its kind in the nation.

Patients scheduled for a preoperative (pre-op) appointment are seen by a nurse practitioner and anesthesiologist who obtain a history and conduct a physical to assure that the patient is healthy and ready for surgery.

What to expect


Your child’s doctor may order blood tests or lab work before surgery. This may occur in your doctor’s office or on the day of surgery.

Pre-operative assessment

Knowing your child’s complete medical history is important for the care of your child during and after surgery. We must get this information from the person who knows the most about your child’s medical history.

Pre-operative phone call

Two to three days before surgery, a surgery team member from Children’s Health will call you with additional details about your child’s surgery. This will include:

  • Arrival time
  • Specific instructions about what your child may eat or drink before surgery
  • Items you will be required to bring

If our staff is unable to reach you 24 hours before your child’s surgery, please call your provider between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.


Please bring all of your child’s medications with you at the time of the pre-operative assessment. Original bottles with dosages and times will help provide up-to-date information to the medical staff.

What to bring with you

You will need the following items on the day of your child’s surgery when you check into Children’s Health:

  • Insurance card and claim forms if child is covered by health insurance
  • Current Medicaid eligibility card and the referral form from your primary care physician
  • Payment for insurance deductible (if not met) and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Legal guardianship papers if you are the patient’s guardian
  • Driver’s license or photo identification
  • Immunization records of your child
  • Any other forms requested by the pre-registration staff or your child’s physician
  • Medical equipment currently used by your child (i.e. Extra trachs, G-tubes, suction equipment, Bi-PAP or C-PAP equipment)

Your Child's Comfort