Easing Your Child's Fears


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Prepare your child and yourself for what will happen at the hospital. This can help make your child’s surgery day as comfortable as possible. Things you can do to help include:

  • Recognize your child’s fears and concerns.
  • Describe what your child may see, feel, taste and hear.
  • Avoid explaining procedures that may happen under anesthesia.
  • Be honest and explain in a language your child can understand.
  • Point out that this is temporary. This is not a punishment for bad behavior.

To help give your child undivided attention during the visit to the hospital, we recommend that you make arrangements for siblings younger than 12 to stay with family or friends.

Child Life

Child Life Specialists help patients cope with being in the hospital. They are available to talk with your child about what to expect during surgery. Children ages 3 and older may benefit most from this experience.

If you would like to talk to a Child Life Specialist, please call:

You may also request to see a Child Life Specialist on the day of your child’s surgery.

Surgery Day