Before Surgery

Learn how to help us at Children's Health give your child the best possible treatment by following some simple guidelines before surgery.


The fees collected on the day of surgery include insurance deductibles and co-payments for using the facility. They do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees. You will be billed separately for these services.

Please contact your insurance company to confirm that the surgery is approved and to verify what your personal out-of-pocket expenses will be. Be sure to say it’s either an “outpatient surgery” or “inpatient surgery.” Any questions regarding the insurance approval for surgery should be directed to your surgeon’s office.

Language and Interpreter Services

If you require the help of a translator, please notify your surgeon’s office so that arrangements can be made.

Special guardianship

If you have been appointed as the patient’s legal guardian, please bring the appropriate legal paperwork indicating this guardianship. If your child is in the Child Protective Services (CPS) system, please make sure that your case worker is aware of the upcoming surgery and available to sign the surgical consent form.

Patient Family Lodging


Your child’s safety is our priority. Please contact your surgeon’s office to let them know if your child sees any of the following:

  • Cardiologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Neurologist
  • Pulmonologist

If your child is sick or has a fever or contagious disease such as chickenpox or measles, please contact your provider’s office.