1950: Fighting Tuberculosis & the Ivor O’Connor Morgan Hospital for Tuberculous Children


Mrs. Morgan, for whom the Ivor O’Connor Morgan Hospital was named, willed $1 million for a facility for treatment, prevention and research on tuberculosis in children.

By the 1950s, a study recommending a stand-alone children’s hospital had been endorsed by the Children’s operating and member boards. In 1954, the medical staffs of all four entities aligned under one chief of staff. Soon talks were under way about building a new medical center that would house Bradford, Freeman, Children’s Hospital of Texas and Ivor O’Connor.

Dallas philanthropists Charles and Sarah Seay played key roles in the success of Children’s. The Seays’ first contribution in the 1950s totaled half of the fundraising goal necessary to build an intensive care unit. Later, their generosity resulted in the first area psychiatric facility for children and funded emergency care services.

Top: In 1951, the Ivor O’Connor Morgan Hospital would open a new building connected to Children’s Hospital of Texas. 

Bottom: A nurse at Children’s Hospital of Texas cares for a young patient stricken by polio.

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