Jacob Boston Hunter, MD $$

Pediatric Otolaryngologist (ENT)

Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Jacob Hunter, M.D., is a pediatric otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat physician) who specializes in caring for conditions that affect the nerves of the ear, including causes of hearing loss and dizziness. He is an expert in the anatomical structures of the inner ear and the neurological conditions that can affect them. A significant portion of his work is devoted to cochlear implant surgery.  

Dr. Hunter uses the latest technology, including microscopy and endoscopy, to perform innovative ear surgeries without external incisions. These surgical procedures limit scarring and reduce healing times.

“The procedures we perform can have a true, dramatic positive impact on a person’s life,” Dr. Hunter says. “We can perform a wide range of procedures through the ear canal, caring for chronic ear infections, cholesteatoma and otosclerosis.”

Dr. Hunter is an assistant professor of neurotology in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He earned his medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he also completed a residency in otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery. He then completed a two-year fellowship in neurotology with The Otology Group at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. During his training, he received the American Neurotology Society Trainee Award. At UT Southwestern, he was recently awarded the Dedman Family Scholar in Clinical Care for his research with cochlear implants.

He has published numerous research articles on clinical topic in his specialty and authored medical textbook chapters covering a wide range of topics from neurotology to facial nerve disorders to hearing preservation techniques.

Dr. Hunter is an invited lecturer at national conferences. He presents at graduate programs, ground rounds, and special courses and lecture series at institutions across the globe.  He is an Associate Editor of Otolaryngology Case Reports and an ad hoc reviewer for Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology; JAMA Otolaryngology; Journal of the American Academy of Audiology; Journal of Spine & Neurosurgery; Operative Neurosurgery; Otology & Neurotology; and The Laryngoscope.

Education and Training

Medical School
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2009)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2010), Otolaryngology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine (2014), Otolaryngology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center GME (2016), Otology/Neurotology
Board Certification
American Board of Otolaryngology
  • Research Interests

    • vestibular schwannoma
    • superior semicircular canal dehiscence
    • sensorineural hearing loss
    • pediatric chronic ear surgery
    • otosclerosis
    • otology
    • neurotology
    • lateral skull base surgery
    • endoscopic ear surgery
    • congenital hearing loss
    • cochlear implants
    • chronic ear surgery
    • cholesteatoma
    • acoustic neuroma
  • Publications

    • The Importance of Electrode Location in Cochlear Implantation. O’Connell BP, Hunter JB, Wanna GB. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology. 2016 Nov 29;1(6):169-174. PMID 28894813
    • Predictive factors for short- and long-term hearing preservation in cochlear implantation with conventional length electrodes. Wanna GB, O’Connell BP, Francis DO, Gifford RH, Hunter JB, Rivas A, Bennett ML, Labadie RF, Haynes DS. Laryngoscope. 2018 Feb;128(2):482-489 PMID: 28643327
    • Automatic Cochlear Duct Length Estimation for Selection of Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays. Rivas A, Cakir A, Hunter JB, Labadie RF, Zuniga MG, Wanna GB, Dawant BM, Noble JH. Otology & Neurotology 2017 Mar;38(3):339-346. PMID: 28146009
    • Electrode location and audiologic performance after cochlear implantation in adults: a comparison of CI422 and CI512 electrode arrays. O’Connell BP, Hunter JB, Gifford R, Rivas A, Haynes DS, Noble JH, Wanna GB. Otology & Neurotology. 2016 Sep;37(8):1032-5. PMID: 27525618
    • Electrode Location and Angular Insertion Depth Are Predictors of Audiologic Outcomes in Cochlear Implantation. O’Connell BP, Cakir A, Hunter JB, Francis DO, Noble JH, Labadie RF, Zuniga G, Dawant BM, Rivas A, Wanna GB. Otology & Neurotology. 2016 Sep;37(8):1016-1023. PMID: 27348391
    • Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Surgical Complications Following Cochlear Implantation in Canal Wall-Down Mastoid Cavities. Hunter JB, O’Connell BP, Wanna GB. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. 2016 May 24. PMID: 27221577
    • Durability of hearing preservation after cochlear implantation with conventional length electrodes and scala tympani insertion. Sweeney AD, Hunter JB, Carlson ML, Rivas A, Bennett ML, Gifford RH, Noble JH, Haynes DS, Labadie RF, Wanna GB. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. 2016 May;154(5):907-913. PMID: 26908553
    • Hearing Preservation Outcomes with a Mid-Scala Electrode in Cochlear Implantation. Hunter JB, Gifford RH, Wanna GB, Labadie RF, Bennett ML, Haynes DS, Rivas A. Otology & Neurotology. 2016 Mar;37(3):235-40. PMID: 26825671
    • Cochlear Implantation in the Setting of Perioperative Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Therapy. Hunter JB, Carlson ML, Sweeney AD, Tombers NM, Wanna GB, Driscoll CLW, Haynes DS. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. 2016 Mar;154(3):513-7. PMID: 26671902
    • Cochlear Implantation: A Biomechanical Prosthesis for Hearing Loss. Yawn R, Hunter JB, Sweeney AD, Bennett ML. F1000Prime Rep. 2015;7:45. PMID: 26097718
  • Professional Activities

    • North American Skull Base Society (2017)
    • American Neurotology Society (2017)
    • American Cochlear Implant Alliance (2017)
  • Awards and Honors

    • ­Dedman Family Scholar in Clinical Care (2018 – 2022)
    • Otolaryngology Case Reports
      • Associate Editor
    • American Neurotology Society
      • Trainee Award (2016)