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Faculty Associate at UT Southwestern Medical Center

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UT Southwestern Pediatric Group


Bo Martinez, Au.D., is a clinical audiologist at Children’s Health℠ who cares for children of all ages who have hearing loss and balance disorders.

Audiologists specialize in providing diagnostic, rehabilitative and other services for conditions that affect hearing and balance. They use tests to diagnose and strategies such as hearing aids, balance therapy or hearing rehabilitation for treatment. They also work closely with ear, nose and throat physicians (otolaryngologists) to care for the medical causes of hearing problems.

Dr. Martinez earned a Doctor of Audiology and a Bachelor of Science in audiology and speech language pathology from the University of Northern Colorado. He completed his fourth year externship at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and third year clinic rotations at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At Children’s Health℠, Dr. Martinez works with children in the Pediatric Audiology and Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat departments.

To pinpoint the source of hearing loss and test the patient’s ability to hear sounds, he performs diagnostic exams – including pediatric acoustic reflexauditory brainstem response, conditioned play audiometry, otoacoustic emissions and visual reinforcement audiometry .

To track the source of a patient’s balance issues or dizziness, Dr. Martinez uses a number of vestibular tests, including videonystagmography, calorics, bedside evaluations, rotary chair and computer dynamic posturography.

He also counsels patients about the need for hearing aids and makes recommendations.

Dr. Martinez has delivered several professional presentations on topics including, “Noise Dosimetry of Basketball Officials,” “Conservatory Students’ Hearing at Risk” and “Cervicogenic Dizziness.”

Preventing hearing loss is an important issue for Dr. Martinez. He is certified through the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC), a professional organization dedicated to providing safety and protection for people who are exposed to high noise levels on the job, like in manufacturing plants and other work settings.

Dr. Martinez serves as a faculty associate with UT Southwestern.

Education and Training

Graduate School
University of Northern Colorado (2017)