Alice Ann Holland, PhD, ABPP $$

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Languages Spoken:


UT Southwestern Pediatric Group

Education and Training

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (2012), Neuropsychology
Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas (2014), Pediatric Neuropsychology
Graduate School
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (2012)
Board Certification
American Board of Professional Psychology


  • Cognitive Disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Rare Brain Diseases
  • Research Interests

    • Neurocognitive Outcomes in Medically Complex Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults
    • Genetic Influences on Neuropsychological Functioning
    • Intrapersonal Influences on Neuropsychological Functioning
  • Publications

    • Stavinoha, P.L., Solesbee, C., Swearer, S.M., Svoboda, S., Klesse, L.J., & Holland, A.A. (2021). Risk factors for bullying victimization in children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1). Children, 8(2), 145.
    • Postal, K. S., Bilder, R. M., Lanca, M., Aase, D. M., Barisa, M., Holland, A. A., Lacritz, L., Lechuga, D. M., McPherson, S., Morgan, J., & Salinas, C. (2021). InterOrganizational Practice Committee guidance/recommendation for models of care during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 35(1), 81-98.
    • Holland, A. A., Clem, M. A., Lampson, E., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2020). Auditory attention late effects in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Child Neuropsychology, 26(7), 865-880.
    • Hague, C., Holland, A. A., & Gottlieb, M. (2020). Selected ethical issues in computerized cognitive training. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 8(4), 402-408.
    • Holland, A. A., Stavinoha, P. L., Swearer, S., Solesbee, C., Patel, S., & Klesse, L. J. (2019). Rate and frequency of bullying victimization in school-age children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1). School Psychology, 34(6), 687-694.
    • Holland, A. A., Colaluca, B., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2018). Impact of attention on social functioning in pediatric medulloblastoma survivors. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 35(1), 76-89.
    • Holland, A. A., Hughes, C., Harder, L., Silver, C., Bowers, D. C., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2016). Effect of motivation on academic fluency performance in survivors of pediatric medulloblastoma. Child Neuropsychology, 22(5), 570-586.
    • Holland, A. A., Hughes, C., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2015). School competence and fluent academic performance: Informing assessment of educational outcomes in survivors of pediatric medulloblastoma. Applied Neuropsychology: Child, 4(4), 249-256.
    • Holland, A. A., Graves, D., Greenberg, B., & Harder, L. (2014). Fatigue, emotional functioning, and executive dysfunction in pediatric multiple sclerosis. Child Neuropsychology, 20(1), 71-85.
    • Holland, A. A. (2013). Neuropsychological comparison of pediatric medulloblastoma and pilocytic astrocytoma: Existing knowledge and future directions. The New School Psychology Bulletin, 10(1), 1-20.
    • Holland, A. A., Glasier, P., Morriss, M., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2013). Complicated subdural empyema in an adolescent. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 28(1), 81-91.
    • Harder, L., Holland, A. A., Frohman, E., Greenberg, B., & Graves, D. (2013). Cognitive functioning in pediatric transverse myelitis. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 19(7), 947-952.
    • Holland, A. A., Glasier, P., Morriss, M., & Stavinoha, P. L. (2012). Neuropsychological impact of bilateral cerebral abscess in an adolescent. Journal of Neurology Research, 2(3), 109-114.
  • Professional Activities

    • President, Texas Psychological Association (2019)
    • Board of Directors, National Academy of Neuropsychology (2020-2022)
    • Board of Directors, Federation of Associations in Brain and Behavioral Sciences (2020-2022)
    • Public Education Coordinator, American Psychological Association (2015-2018)
    • Research Director, Children's Health Neuropsychology Service (2015-Present)
  • Awards and Honors

    • American Psychological Association Heiser Presidential Award (July 2021)
    • American Board of Professional Psychology Early Career Service Award (June 2020)
    • Texas Psychological Association Robert McPherson Legislative Action Award  (Nov. 2018)
    • American Psychological Association Early Career Achievement Award (2015)
    • Texas Psychological Association Outstanding Contribution to Science Award (2015)
    • National Academy of Neuropsychology Early Career Service Award (2018)
    • Children's Health Evidence-Based Practice Award (2015)
    • UT Southwestern Carmen Miller Michael Award for Scholarship and Citizenship (2011)

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