Rome heart transplant patient


13-year-old | heart transplant patient

With a heart full of determination, Rome is sure to be president one day.

Elect to dream big

No matter how old you are, no dream is too big. Since the office was established in 1789, 45 people have been president of the United States. Thirteen-year-old heart transplant patient Rome hopes to be the 48th, so she can change the shape of our nation for the better. Discover what bills she plans on enacting when she's elected.

Favorite Care Team Member

Getting to know the next POTUS

From Rome’s spunky personality to her beautiful singing and dancing, David Sutcliffe, M.D., made it a priority to know everything about this little presidential hopeful. As one of the chief cardiologists for The Heart Center at Children's Health℠, Dr. Sutcliffe wanted Rome and her mom to feel at home throughout the entire process.

About the Heart Center

Patient Story

Painting the road to recovery

At just 13, all Rome wanted for Christmas was a new heart. On January 1, 2017, her wish came true. Rome underwent heart transplant surgery at The Heart Center. Over the next few months, she and her family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas as she made a full recovery. With the new year came a new heart and a new outlook on life.

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