Step 1: Student Program Overview

Students are required to attend an Information Session prior to receiving an application to volunteer. The Student Volunteer Information Session will provide students with information about the Student Volunteer Program.

During the school year, our greatest need for student volunteers are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. There are a limited number of positions for students during the evenings and weekends. Student volunteers serve on the Dallas campus only.

We accept applications two times a year. In January we begin the application process for our summer program and during the summer we begin the application process for our school year program. During the school year, students commit to completing a minimum of 50 hours of service by consistantly volunteering September to May.

A student volunteer is anyone who is 16 years of age and older and can commit to 50 hours of service. Those students who are 18, have graduated from high school and are in college/university may choose between the student volunteer program of the adult volunteer program. However, please consider the following when deciding which program to apply to:

Adult Volunteer ProgramStudent Volunteer Program
Age Requirement18 years-of-age or older and a high school graduate16 years-of-age and older and attending high school, college or university
Shifts AvailableDaytime, Evening & WeekendDaytime, Evening & Weekend
Service LengthCommit to 100 hours of service by consistantly volunteering 3-4 hours on a weekly basis.

School TermVolunteers: Commit to 50 hours of service by consistantly volunteering twice a month for a 3-4 hour volunteer shift from September to May

All applicants and their parents or guardians interested in this program are asked to consider the following prior to attending the Student Volunteer Information Session:

  • Will you be 16 years of age by the first day of the program?

  • Can you attend a General Volunteer Orientation in August or September (date to be determined)? 

  • Are you mature, outgoing, friendly, proactive and willing to engage people as you help them?

  • Do you plan to participate in band, sports, have work commitments or involved in sports that will not allow you to commit to a serving a regularly scheduled volunteer shift?

  • Do you have consistent transportation?

Step 2: Read Program Requirements