Music Volunteer Program

Volunteer Services Dallas is accepting applications from interested pianists and musicans who perform at or above the intermediate level to join the Volunteer Music Program. Performances may center around the piano, though instrumental accompaniments, or other musical groups.

Interested musicians who meet the following criteria are invited to submit an application to perform in Children's Butterfly Atrium. The Butterfly Atrium is a common, open-space in the hospital with a balcony. Musicans who are interested must submit an application and demo tape.

About the Program:

  • Performances are only scheduled between 11:30 to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday

  • Musicians must be 16 years of age or older

  • Musicians must pay their own parking ($2 in Green Parking) and transportation to and from the hospital

  • Number of participants must be limited to a maximum of 15 individuals.

To participate in the program, prospective applicants must complete the Music Volunteer Application and submit a demo tape. Once your application and demo tape is received a representative from Volunteer Services will contact you. The music program is available on the Dallas campus only.

Volunteer Services

Dallas Campus 214-456-6388

Legacy Campus 469-303-3763