Sew Lovies

The Program:
The sense of smell is the most advanced sense that babies have at birth. In fact research has shown that even before birth, fetuses can smell. Furthermore, at just 3 days old infants can recognize the specific smell of their mother’s amniotic fluid, and by 2 weeks an infant can tell the difference between the scent of his/her mother’s breast milk and that of another person’s. AMAZING isn’t it!! To baby, mommy always smells like roses, and that’s comforting and soothing.

The Need:
The project is for the Dallas Campus. Children's Medical Center of Dallas is in need of community members or groups to make "Lovies" for NICU babies and their mommy's. Lovies will help increase bonding between mommy and baby while baby is in the NICU at Children's.


  1. Print and download the pattern and instructions.

  2. Each completed "Lovie" package will contain two hearts along with a message to mommy & baby in a sandwich size resealable bag.

  3. Please keep a record of how many hours it took for you to complete this project.

  4. For questions or to schedule a delivery to the Dallas campus, email along with the time & date you would like to make your delivery. Items may be delivered Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM. Please complete a donation form prior to delivering your items to Children's (please include the number of hours it took for you to complete the project).


  • Due to patient confidentiality and infection control, donated items are distributed by Children's staff. Unfortunately, individuals and groups are not allowed to distribute donated items to patients.