Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the time commitment over the course of the program?
A:  We ask for each adult volunteer to serve a minimum of 100 hours over the course of one year. Typically, a volunteer agrees to come in once a week for a 3-4 hour shift. You will work with your coordinator to pick a day and time that you will most consistently be available. You will keep the same shift from week to week.

Q:  Can I volunteer more than once a week?
A:  We ask new volunteers to commit to volunteering once a week until you become settled in your role. If after a period of time you want to increase your volunteer hours you can discuss with your coordinator to learn about any opportunities.

Q: Do I need to get a copy of my immunizations?
A: In order to become an adult volunteer, you will need to provide the dates you received certain immunizations. You can begin locating your records and if you are accepted to our program we will provide a hospital specific form for you to complete and submit. If you are unable to locate your records or have not received all the required immunizations you will need to speak with a physician about updating your vaccinations. Any cost associated with vaccinations is the volunteers responsibility.

Q: Do I need to start my TB testing now?
A: No, TB testing is a part of volunteer orientation at Children’s Medical Center.  

Q: I have been ordered by the courts to perform community service. May I do my hours at Children’s Medical Center?
A: No. We do not accept applicants who are obligated to complete community service hours, nor will we allow current volunteers to apply their volunteer hours at Children’s Medical Center to fulfill court mandated service.

Q: How old must you be to serve as an adult volunteer?
A. To participate in our Adult Volunteer Program, you must be at least 18 years of age and not currently in high school. If you are interested in our Student Program please click here.

Q: Will I be able to shadow any nurses or doctors as a volunteer?
A:  No. Volunteers serve to meet the non-clinical needs of the hospital and will receive a job description at the beginning of their placement. It is a great opportunity to experience a hospital setting, but volunteers will not shadow a specific staff member. You can find more information about our Observer Program, please click here.

Q:  Will my volunteer experience lead to a job opportunity at Children’s Medical Center?
A:  All employment opportunities are handled by our Human Resources Department. You may visit the careers page of our website to find more information about current employment opportunities. Volunteer experience will not lead directly to an offer of employment. We discourage individuals from applying to volunteer if the main objective is employment.

Q: Can I become a volunteer at Children’s Medical Center while I am in between jobs?
A: We appreciate your desire to give back of your time. However, we ask that our adult volunteers commit to serving 100 hours in a 12 month time period. We find that most often adults who are in the midst of a career change are not able to fulfill this obligation. 

Q: I have recently experienced the illness or loss of a loved one. Are there any volunteer opportunities that will help me work through the healing process?
A: Through previous volunteers, we have found that serving at Children's Medical Center does not meet the emotional needs of those who have recently experienced the serious illness or death of a loved one. We find it is important for an individual to work through the healing process and then evaluate whether volunteering at Children's Medical Center is the right option for them.