Pediatric Urology: What to Expect

Our mission is to provide excellent, innovative care that improves the medical and quality-of-life outcomes of children and families living with complex conditions of the genitourinary systems.  Our care is centered in compassion, integrity, and regard for your child and family and is designed to meet the needs of families as partners in the care team.  We strive to provide care that is safe, effective, and family-centered with respect for the dignity and individuality of your child and family. 

At the Center for Pediatric Urology, many of the conditions we treat require your child to visit several specialists for the most appropriate care. These visits are combined into one two hour morning appointment. This cuts down on your time away from work and your child’s time out of school or play.

We believe family members are a vital component of each child's health-care team. At Children’s Medical Center, we encourage you to call us anytime at (214) 456-2444.

Before, During and After Your Appointment

Having Tests

Come to the testing location at the Pavilion Imaging Center or Main Radiology Department on the 1st floor of Children's. We will make every effort to schedule testing on the same day as your appointment in our offices.

Not Having Tests

Come to the 4th Floor of Children's Medical Center's Ambulatory Care Pavilion (2350 Stemmons Frwy, Suite F4300). You can sign in and complete insurance information at the Urology Clinic's front desk.

During your visit

Your child's weight, blood pressure and vital signs will be measured, and we’ll ask for a urine sample if we need one. After taking a complete medical history and examining your child, the urologist will go over results with you. You’ll also talk about any future visits and tests that need to happen from here.

Following Up

At the end of your visit, appointments will be made for follow-up visits within three months. If surgery is necessary, you will speak with a surgical coordinator to schedule.