Urology: Programs & Treatments

We understand many parents try to justify their child's urological disorder, saying he or she 'plays too hard to stop to go to the bathroom' or 'has too small of a bladder,' when in fact he or she is suffering from a medical problem that can be treated. At Children’s Medical Center, our goal is to renew your child’s confidence and independence with expert, compassionate help.

Learn more about our treatments and programs and discover how our world-renowned care has helped our North Texas patients for a generation. For more information, always feel free to call us.

  • Programs & Treatments


    The Center for Pediatric Urology is a comprehensive program unlike any other in the country. The team provides evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care to infants, children and adolescents within all urological specialties with a special emphasis on the following programs and treatments.

    Complex Hypospadias - Surgical Repair and Reoperation of Hypospadias

    Our urology team at Children’s Medical Center is renowned throughout the country for our expertise in treating minor and complex hypospadias to create a functional and normal-looking penis, in which the urinary opening is at the usual position at the tip. The team also performs reoperations to correct failed surgeries performed elsewhere. Our goal is to create a functional penis that appears normal. Thanks to the hospital’s association with UT Southwestern, our innovative research gives our physicians a unique understanding of this common condition.

    Learn more about Hypospadias

    Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

    The urology staff has expertise in pediatric laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, which is performed using miniature telescopes and small "Band-Aid" incisions. Major advantages of this technique include reduced pain and scarring. The procedure is offered as an option for partial or total nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and orchiopexy and can also treat an ureteropelvic junction obstruction.

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    Learn more about Orchiopexy
    Learn more about Pyeloplasty
    Learn more about Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction treatment

    Voiding Dysfunction Treatment

    Our Urotherapy Center is the area’s only program that’s exclusively dedicated to helping children overcome dysfunctional voiding. With compassion and understanding, our team will help your child recover from bedwetting, urinary incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections and other troubles caused by daytime voiding dysfunction. 

    Treatment of Kidney Stones Disease

    Although kidney stones are most prevalent in adults, they are on the rise in pediatric patients. To meet the increasing need, our renowned treatment program will bring your child relief from kidney stones (also known as Nephrollithiasis), a hard, crystal-like material that forms in the kidney or along the urinary tract. Warning signs include severe pain and blood in urine. While stones will sometimes pass through the bladder with time, our treatment includes removing them with lithotripsy or surgical techniques.

    Learn more about Kidney Stones Disease

    Treatment of Disorders of Sex Development

    At Children’s Medical Center, we help children who are born with genital disorders or ambiguous genitalia, in which you cannot tell from looking at a child’s genitals whether that child is male or female. Our team has experience in providing evaluation, treatment and care for children with this rare and sensitive condition.

    Learn more about Disorders of Sex Development 

  • Procedures Performed or Conditions Treated


    Our pediatric urologists care for children with any problem associated with the urinary tract and/or genitalia.  The urinary tract includes kidneys, ureters, and the bladder.  We are dedicated to providing quality lifelong care to children with complex congenital disorders of the genitourinary tract, including those of the bladder, urethra, vagina, and anorectum.  Conditions and procedures we perform include:

    Male Penile Reconstructive Surgery



    Penile adhesions



    Undescended testicles

    Redundant foreskin

    Buried/Hidden penis

    Urethral stricture disease

    Meatal stenosis

    Webbed penis


    Testis/Inguinal Area




    Testis tumors 




    Undescended testis 

    Retractile testis


    Female Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery

    Ambiguous genitalia (disorders of sex development) 

    Cloacal anomalies 


    Labial adhesions 


    Vaginal reconstruction

    Undescended testicles 

    Kidney Stones

    Kidney stones

    Urinary incontinence
    (daytime wetting) 


    Ectopic ureters 


    Duplex systems



    Ureteropelvic junction obstruction

    Birth Defects


    Urinary tract infections

    Bladder or Cloacal Exstrophy 

    Spina bifida

    Posterior urethral valves 

    Prune Belly Syndrome

    Vesicoureteral reflux

    Management of the neurogenic bladder

    Minimally Invasive and Robotic-Assisted Surgery

    Ureteral reimplantation for vesicoureteral reflux

    Uretero-ureterostomy for ureteral duplications and ureteroceles

    Pyeloplasty for hydronephrosis and uretero-pelvic junction (UPJ) obstructions 

    Bladder augmentation 


    Continent urinary diversion and ACE 


    Bladder neck continent surgery 


    Voiding Dysfunction

    Day or Nighttime Wetting 

    Painful urination

    Urinary frequency and urgency

    Urinary tract infections

    In Office Procedures and Tests

    Urinalysis (urine testing) 

    Urodynamic testing (checks to see if the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine)

    (test process of elimination)

    Ultrasound of bladder and kidneys (checks structure of bladder)