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Physician Contacts:

Jeffrey S. Kahn, MD PhD - Medical Director of Research

Key Contacts:

  • Dudley T. Womble , MPA, FACHE - Director of Research Administration
  • Deborah Town , RN, MSN, CCRC - Clinical Manager
  • Shirley Montanye, RN, ADN, CCRC - Clinical Manager
  • MaryAnn Byerly, MBA - Program Manager
  • Rong Huang , MS - Biostatistician
  • William Jones, MS, CCRP - Clinical Research Educator
  • Alisia Berry - Coordinator, Research Administration

Description of services:

Supporting research designed to improve the understanding, prevention, diagnosis or treatment of childhood diseases is a key component of Children's mission. The Clinical Research Department (CRD) provides support services for all research conducted at Children's. Specific areas of service include:

  • Funding - The CRD supports the activities of the Children's Clinical Research Advisory Committee, which does peer review and selection of investigators meritorious research projects for funding by the Children's Foundation. Applications for funding are accepted and reviewed semiannually.
  • Study Development and Operation - CRD personnel are available to assist researchers with all aspects of developing a new clinical research study. This can include research design, protocol development, budget development and study planning. The CRD is staffed by experienced study coordinators who can assist with the development and management of a clinical trial. Investigators are required to provide funding for these services.
  • Administration of Research - The CRD is charged with managing all research conducted at Children's, and for ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulations, as well as hospital policies.

Further information:

If you would like further information about the type of clinical research performed at Children's Medical Center or have questions or concerns regarding clinical research please contact the research department at 214-456-6220.

Information for referral sources:

Children's conducts research in a variety of areas and often accepts referrals for specific research studies. Major research areas include:

Why Children's Medical Center?

  • Conducting research keeps clinical personnel at Children's on the cutting edge of medicine and allows physicians on the medical staff to bring promising new therapies to patients before general availability.
  • All research conducted at Children's is reviewed by the Institutional Review Board of UT Southwestern, so the rights of patients are protected.
  • Children's has hundreds of studies under way in clinical areas throughout the hospital.

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