Psychological Services

The Psychological services group consists of psychologists, neuropsychologists, and clinical therapists. All doctoral level psychologists are members of the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern, and support the mission of the department to provide state-of-the-art clinical care, engage in research and supervise trainees.

Psychology faculty members supervise pre-doctoral interns from the UT Southwestern Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program's captive internship. They also accept practicum students from affiliated programs. Children's Medical Center offers post-doctoral training fellowships in psychology.


Psychologists on staff at Children's work with medical directors to develop programs. In addition, they provide psychological testing for emotional, behavioral, and learning diorders, and indiviual, family and group therapy.

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The neuropsychology team at Children's provides assessments of brain-related cognitive, learning, behavioral and emotional disorders. Our staff works closely with medical services to offer evaluation of cognitive, behavioral, social and emotional effects of conditions, including brain injury, epilepsy, stroke, brain tumors, central nervous system cancer, hypoxic brain injury, and toxic brain injury. In addition to the initial consultation, their assessments are frequently helpful for patients with psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship of brain function to a person's mental abilities and behavior. With children, a main focus of the neuropsychological evaluation is to determine how brain-based learning and behavioral functions may interact with the child's academic development, emotional coping, social behavior, and family and community environments. A main goal of the evaluation process is to help formulate a treatment plan to enhance the child's development and performance in these domains.

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Clinical Therapists

Clinincal therapists at Children's include Licensed Professsonals Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Registered Play Therapists. They work as members of a treament in medical and psychiatric services.