Psychiatry and Psychological Services: Day Treatment Services

The day treatment program cares for children with behavioral problems, school anxiety or refusal, aggression and other difficulties in social functioning, noncompliance with the medical regimen, and includes children with depression, autism spectrum disorders, and medical psychiatric disorders. Children may be referred from schools, their pediatrician, from inpatient services or from an outpatient provider. Children may be referred after an emergency room visit.

Presenting problems may include difficulty functioning at home, school, or in community environments. Day treatment is an intermediate level of care. The goal is the prevention of hospitalization. Children are taught developmentally appropriate coping and social skills. The program operates five days a week, eight hours a day. While in the program, patients attend school. Staff will communicate and plan with the child's home classroom at entry and discharge from the program, allowing for continued development of skills and feedback to the school regarding effective management of the child's academic needs.   

Additional therapies used include social and coping skills groups, music therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, and psychiatric medication management. Treatment is provided in a supportive and highly structured environment. Psychological testing is available.

A day treatment/partial hospitalization service is also offered on the Legacy campus for children and adolescents with eating disorders.