Orthopedics: What We Treat

Orthopedics offers comprehensive care for children suffering from injuries and conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including bone fractures, dysplasia, developmental dislocation of the hip, Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease and more.

The Pediatric Orthopedic Hand and Upper Extremity Service provides reconstructive surgical and casting management of acute pediatric traumatic injuries to the hand and upper extremity as well as non-traumatic conditions such as congenital deformities, cysts, masses and nerve conditions. The program is closely allied with occupational therapists and a certified hand therapist for multidisciplinary inpatient and outpatient care, and has full casting and custom splinting facilities and personnel. The orthopedic hand surgeons are actively involved in research and education through pediatric and orthopaedic resident educational conferences and sponsoring a CME approved annual pediatric hand trauma course for primary care providers.

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