Leukemia: Advanced Treatment

Our leaders work in concert with other national pediatric oncology researchers to further develop leukemia therapies. Program Director, Naomi Winick, M.D., has served on the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Committee since 2000, and is currently Chair of the Outcomes Committee for ALL. Tamra Slone, M.D., currently serves on the acute lymphoblastic leukemia trial for patients with high-risk disease and is co-chair of a study designed to understand the bone disease that can complicate leukemia therapy. Other staff physicians routinely serve on COG committees that design and administer clinical trials.  

The integration of our medical staff into the national research community ensures that we can offer patients the latest treatments and clinical trials. In 2013, Gill Center patients were enrolled in more than a dozen clinical trials, a result of our intentional effort to find an ideal trial for every patient. 

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