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Physician Contacts:

Key Contacts:

  • Vicki Dennis, Director
  • Cale Wilcox, R. EEG.T/CLTM - Practice Administrator


Description of services:

The neurophysiology laboratory is staffed with skilled technicians who are specially trained to work with our pediatric population. Few patients require sedation and child life specialists are available to assist with children who may be anxious. Each laboratory is equipped with music to help calm children and enhance their ability to sleep naturally.

The neurophysiology laboratory is accredited by the American Clinical Neuropsysiology Society.

Procedures performed or problems diagnosed and treated:

  • Routine and neonatal EEGs
  • Ambulatory EEGs (home monitoring)
  • Portable EEGs
  • Auditory, Visual and Somatosensory evoked potentials
  • Rule out seizures (EEG)
  • Characterization of questionable spells (EEG)
  • Evaluation of neurological status (EEG)
  • Evaluation of sensory pathways: auditory, visual or somatosensory (evoked potentials)
  • Electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCV's)

Information for referral sources:

  • Referral from physicians or referral source is required.
  • Pre-authorization is required by some insurance plans.
  • Patient instructions for specific test will be provided when the appointment is scheduled.
  • Diagnosis, evaluation and recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician.

Please provide the following when calling to schedule a patient for a diagnostic examination:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Probable diagnosis or symptoms
  • Insurance/referral information
  • Physician clinical findings or symptoms which caused the patient to visit physician

Why Children's Medical Center?

  • Our neurophysiology lab is accredited by the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society.
  • Each registered technologist is specially trained to work with pediatric patients.
  • Exam rooms are equipped with music to comfort and relax patients.
  • Daily interpretation of all tests performed by experts in pediatric epilepsy.

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