Nephrology: What to Expect

Services are provided in close cooperation with the patient's referring physician. Diagnosis, evaluation and recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician. Pre-authorization is required by some insurance plans.

Patient instructions for specific tests will be provided when the appointment is scheduled. To avoid unnecessary testing, the family should bring relevant medical records, test results and X-rays to the appointment.

Please provide the following when calling to schedule a patient for a diagnostic examination:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Patient/Family current contact information
  • Reason for referral
  • Insurance/referral information
  • Physician clinical findings or symptoms which caused the patient to visit physician

If you'll be spending the night (inpatient)

We encourage parents to stay with their children while they are hospitalized. Each patient room has accommodations for one parent to stay including a chair or sofa that converts into a single bed.  A private bath is also in each room.  Food is available in our cafeteria, and you also may purchase a tray for yourself to be delivered with your child's meal.

For other family members, we recommend nearby hotels. Our Social Services Department offers a reservation service known as "Suite Dreams" to help families with medical needs receive discounted rates at local hotels.  For Suite Dreams assistance, call 1-800-955-ROOM.  The Social Services Department also can make referrals to the Ronald McDonald House for families of patients.

What to bring

  • Your child's robe and slippers and favorite stuffed animal or toy (A favorite stuffed toy can serve as a "security blanket" and accompany your child into surgery, the recovery room, or the intensive care unit)
  • Extra clothing for you and your child
  • All medicines taken by your child (give to your nurse when checking in)
  • Insurance information and other important documents including your child's immunization record
  • Any medications or other items parents will need while away from home

If your visit is for the day only (outpatient)

Your doctor may be sending you to Children's for only the day (even if your child is having surgery). You'll still have access to all our special services and care, and here are a few extra tips:

What to bring

  • Insurance information and other important documents (X-rays or other pertinent medical records)
  • Your child's immunization record

If your child is having day surgery, you will be scheduled for a pre-surgical assessment appointment. At that time you will get important information about preparing for surgery such as limiting food and drink in the hours before surgery.  Please follow the instructions carefully.  If you have questions, please call your doctor or the Children's pre-surgical assessment nursing staff at 214-456-5454.