Children’s Medical Center TeleNICU

Savani TeleNICU

The Children’s Medical Center TeleNICU service, the first of its kind in Texas, allows virtual examination of newborns at distant-site neonatal intensive care units. This 24-hour access to the highly trained, board-certified UT Southwestern neonatologists on the Children’s medical staff helps physicians at other hospitals provide the appropriate level of care during the most critical time.

Through innovative telemedicine technology that includes two-way, real-time interactive communication, medical-quality videoconferencing, secure data transfer and digital scoping equipment, the neonatologists can provide visual examinations, listen to heart, lung and other vital organs and help with diagnosis. The treatment decisions made as a part of this collaboration can minimize or even eliminate the need to transport babies who need a specialized level of care out of town and away from their family and support network. Keeping babies at their home hospital’s NICU is always our goal.

The Children’s TeleNICU service offers:

  • Access to nationally recognized UT Southwestern neonatologists
  • State-of-the-art telemedicine technology
  • Level IV NICU support on-demand, 24/7

Benefits of the Children’s TeleNICU service include:

  • Potential reduction of unnecessary patient transfers
  • Delivering family-centered care by evaluating patients close to home

To learn more, contact the Hospital Outreach department at Children’s Medical Center by calling 214-456-7155.