International Adoption Medicine: What to Expect

Pre-adoption assessment

  • Prior to an adoption, a specialist will evaluate and interpret a child's medical records. The evaluation is not meant to advise whether or not to choose a particular child, but to provide medical information in terms you can understand.
  • The initial evaluation will focus on explanations of foreign medical diagnoses, growth trends, and an assessment of developmental progress. Once the assessment has been made the physician will provide a rough overall risk assessment of future medical or developmental needs of the child.
  • Specialists will be available for on call support during your travel over seas, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • For more information or if you have questions, call the International Adoption Medicine program at 214-456-6788.

Post-adoption assessment

During your child's post-adoption visit, a physician will conduct a thorough history and physical evaluation that will include:

  • Review new medical, developmental or institutional issues
  • Discuss adjustment issues, including sleep, feeding, and attachment
  • Assess current growth parameters
  • Screen vision and hearing tests, when possible

What to bring for the visit

  • Insurance information and other important documents
  • Your child's medical record
  • Your child's favorite stuffed animal or toy