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The Frank S. and Mary Jane Ryburn Heart Institute Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

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We diagnose and treat heart problems by using veins and arteries to insert small tubes called catheters into the heart. With more than 500 cases last year, our volume allows us to perform state-of-the-art procedures only available at the nation's top hospitals. We are currently building our second catheterization lab, an addition which will allow us to continue to grow. As the pediatric teaching hospital for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School we are affiliated with one of the most prestigious teaching facilities in the nation.

We provide a full-service cath lab program

  • Diagnostic Catheterizations are used to determine the specific type of defects present, the need for surgery and the best treatment course for each patient.
  • Interventional Catheterization, in which narrowings in the valves and vessels can be opened up or holes between the chambers can be closed. We use Amplatzer, Helex and Cardioseal devices to close holes between the upper and lower chambers of the heart (ASD and VSD) and the Amplatzer PDA (patent ductus arterisosus) device. If appropriate these types of catheterizations can prevent the need for open heart surgeries, resulting in less pain for the pateint, shorter hospital stays and significant cost savings.
  • Electrophysiology Studies and Radiofrequency Ablations, in which catheters are used to diagnose abnormal electrical conduction in the heart (called dysrhythmias) and to use heat to destroy small areas of tissue to normalize the electrical conduction.

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