Heart Center: Before the Catheterization

When your child is scheduled for a cardiac catheterization, you will receive instructions from your cardiologist’s office regarding the time and day that your child needs to arrive at the hospital and where within the hospital to bring your child. If you have any questions about the time, date and/or place to bring your child, please call your cardiologist’s office.

A couple of weeks before the procedure, you should receive a packet in the mail reminding you of the date and time of the procedure and explaining the procedure that will be done. It will also include special instructions about feeding restrictions the day of the procedure and any medications that you must start or stop, if applicable, before the catheterization. The time and date listed in your packet refer only to the day of the catheterization. The cardiology clinic is on the third floor, just in front of the Wagon elevators.

After the admission paperwork is completed, you and your child will be escorted to a room in the preoperative assessment area. The doctors and nurses on the unit will make sure that any tests or lab work that need to be done before the catheterization are completed. Before the cardiac catheterization, you will meet with the cardiologist who will explain the procedure to you and then ask you to sign a consent form.

Any questions or concerns that you have about the procedure can be discussed with the cardiologist at that time. It is very important to us that you clearly understand what will be happening to your child, so we encourage you to ask any question, no matter how small it may seem to you.

It is very important that you do not give your child anything to eat or drink after you have been instructed to stop feeding. Doing so may make it necessary to cancel the heart catheterization.

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