Heart Center: Cardiac nursing

Cardiac care nurses at Children's play a vital role in the inpatient, outpatient and intensive care settings. These nurses are the frontline soldiers in the fight against congenital and acquired heart defects and diseases in children; they care for these children during their most critical moments in health care as well as their essential follow-up care.

Children's cardiac nurses are responsible for obtaining a patient's medical history; coordinating the child's cardiac care with the cardiologist; ordering and interpreting laboratory and diagnostic tests; providing education about health maintenance, illness prevention and the child's specific cardiac health risks; pre-operative parent and patient education; and coordination of post-operative care with cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons.

Cardiac nurses receive highly specialized training and must maintain rigorous ongoing education requirements. They are regarded as leaders and experts in cardiology, who actively participate in research and quality initiatives. They play an integral role on the Heart Center team, acting as a resource and educator to patients, family members, and clinical staff.

For more information about the Heart Center's nursing team, contact Darcy Wessinger, Nursing Director in the Heart Center, at Darcy.Wessinger@childrens.com or 214-456-2518.

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