Hand Surgery: Congenital and pediatric hand surgery

When your patients suffer a traumatic hand or wrist injury, chances are that they are being treated by the Congenital and Pediatric Hand Surgery Service in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Children's Medical Center of Dallas.  The Congenital and Pediatric Hand Surgery Service is the only group in the CMC system which accepts referrals for traumatic hand injuries evaluated at outside hospital emergency departments.  Our hand surgeons, Dr. Sean Bidic, Dr. Michel Saint-Cyr, and Dr. Jonathan Cheng, are full-time academic hand fellowship-trained surgeons with a strong commitment to patient care and service to the  greater Metroplex community.

In addition to hand trauma care, including fingertip, tendon, nerve, and fracture management, our hand surgeons also perform the full spectrum of hand and upper extremity care including congenital hand differences, sports injuries, and tetraplegia and cerebral palsy.  Our service provides expertise in peripheral nerve care and brachial plexus reconstruction for traumatic and birth-related injuries.

The Congenital and Pediatric Hand Surgery Service has been fully operational since 2005, originating from the longstanding Department of Plastic Surgery Hand Trauma Service. With over 2,200 outpatient visits last year, our patient volumes are on track for a 25% increase in calendar year 2008. Our surgeons currently see over 80% of the hand surgery volume at Children's Medical Center, and are the largest pediatric hand specialty group in the DFW Metroplex.  Consultations are available at CMC Main Campus and CMC Legacy Campus.  Outpatient surgeries are performed at our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center at CMC Pavilion, and inpatient surgeries are performed at CMC Main Campus. All procedures are performed in conjunction with pediatric fellowship-trained anesthesiologists.

Our philosophy is to treat every hand condition, whether traumatic or congenital, as an extension of the patient as a whole. Our aim is to provide comprehensive restoration of form and function while accounting for the patient's daily activities and overall well-being.  Our surgeons respect the long-term relationship between children, families, and their pediatricians.  Following completion of acute care or surgical treatment, patients are routinely returned to the follow-up care of their community primary care physicians.

We perform comprehensive care of congenital hand differences, including polydactyly, syndactyly, duplication, radial deficiency, and constriction ring syndrome among other conditions.  Careful evaluation of function, adaptation, and daily needs is performed through long-term follow up over the course of the child's development and growth. A comprehensive range of splinting and therapy options is available through our dedicated pediatric Certified Hand Therapist.

Sports injuries require a careful balance of adequate time for healing, exploration of contemporary surgical options, and minimized time for return to sports participation. Our hand fellowship-trained surgeons offer optimized return to function while keeping the child's development and future health in mind.

Central nervous system disorders, such as tetraplegia and cerebral palsy, can result in significant derangement of upper extremity function. Our primary responsibility in these cases is to unlock the child's precious, underutilized, residual function by borrowing from healthy muscle-tendon units to reconstruct crucial hand and upper extremity functions. We favor a multidisciplinary approach by working in conjunction with pediatric board-certified neurologists and PM&R specialists. This approach allows us to address overlying problems of spasticity, mobility, positioning, cognition, and nutrition.

Our Brachial Plexus Multidisciplinary Team offers contemporary diagnosis and treatment of traumatic and birth-related brachial plexus injuries. The team is composed of specialists in hand surgery, peripheral nerve reconstruction, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, pain management, and occupational and hand therapy.

We are available for consultation and questions at 214-456-2215. To schedule an appointment, please call 214-456-2240 or 1-800-CHILD-RX.