Gastroenterology Research & Education

The Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Children’s Medical Center prides itself not only on being a leader in treatment and care, but also on being at the forefront of research into new treatments for gastrointestinal conditions in infants, children and adolescents.

Eliminating the Variability of Care

Children’s Medical Center is a reporting facility to ImproveCareNow. As the Gastroenterology Division treats patients, it reports  outcomes to ImproveCareNow to be shared with other similar pediatric gastroenterology facilities around the country. This information sharing eliminates variability of care by helping to craft a standard set of treatments for given conditions.

 Additionally, our GI team takes place in the IBD Quality Improvement Collaborative. The collaborative was instrumental in establishing the best modes for pediatric care including creating a nutrition and growth algorithm that is used nationwide. Children’s Medical Center was a founding partner in the Collaborative and there is no similar program to the Collaborative anywhere else in the world.

Innovation at Children’s

Children’s Medical Center always pushes to be at the forefront of investing in technology, while also trying to contribute to new innovations through research.

The Gastroenterology Division’s Therapeutic Endoscopy Unit is one of the only facilities in the country that has developed a balloon procedure for use in the diagnosis of small intestine conditions in children. Additionally, the Unit had developed an endoscopy simulator that that helps teach emerging practitioners how best to use the device. The simulator helps teaching physicians assess the proficiency of their students’ techniques as well as encourages mastery of the techniques.

In addition to technological innovations, the Division heavily invests in clinical research. Currently, research at the Division is focused on:

  • Epidemiology
  • Genetics
  • Medication trials
  • Risk stratification
  • Pure science
  • At-risk populations
  • Quality improvement

Clinical trials currently being conducted include:

Crohn’s Disease: We are currently recruiting patients of at-risk populations, such as African Americans, with Crohn’s disease and evaluating unique aspects of their disease like genetics and serological information.


Currently the division hosts a Pediatric Residency, which rotates on the GI ward every month for four week blocks.


Additionally, the Division hosts six pediatric gastroenterology fellows, two each in year one through three.

Continuing Medical, Nursing Education and Grand Rounds

Our providers routinely give CME talks and have presented at Grand Rounds both regionally and nationally.

For more information about research and education at The Division of Gastroenterology, please call: 214-456-8000

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