Intestinal Failure

With the support of the nationally recognized gastroenterology team at Children’s Medical Center, the Intestinal failure program is a field leader in the diagnosis and treatment of complex intestinal conditions in infants, children and adolescents.

Some treatments for conditions contributing to intestinal failure require additional measures, such as an intestinal transplant. To ensure a proper continuum of care, the intestinal failure team works closely with the Children’s Medical Canter Intestinal Rehabilitation program. This team effort not only allows our physicians to treat our patients from every possible angle, but for some conditions, it also helps us develop a treatment regimen that might last until your child reaches adulthood.

Led by Dr. Nandini Channabasappa, the Intestinal Failure team is one of the best in the nation and constantly strives to develop new treatments through ongoing research. The team’s innovations not only provide positive outcomes for our local patients, but the research they share with other programs help improve the lives of children throughout the nation.

Causes of Intestinal Failure

Intestinal failure in children can be caused by one or multiple gastrointestinal conditions. Most commonly, the Intestinal Failure program is poised to treat:

  • Hirschprung’s disease
  • Biliary Atresia
  • Congenital gastrointestinal defects
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Motility disorders
  • Failure to thrive
  • Malabsorption
  • Celiac disease

Intestinal Failure Care at Children’s

Some of the more common treatments and procedures performed by the multidisciplinary team at the  Intestinal Failure program at Children’s include:

In addition to fostering a unique collaboration with the Intestinal Rehabilitation program, the Intestinal Failure program applies leading-edge treatments and technologies toward the cure of conditions that cause intestinal failure in children. Some of our innovations in treatment include:

Pathology – Our most challenging gastrointestinal cases are reviewed at a monthly conference.

Radiology – A program that utilizes the most advanced MRI technology with a special emphasis on the comfort of our younger patients.

Surgery – Some treatments require intervention by the surgical team at Children’s, which translates to even more expertise for our patients.

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